"These are your seniors, the meister Maka Albern, and the weapon Soul Eater." 

Anonymous whispered: SoMa prompt: Soul and Maka announce they're dating, and everybody is really confused because literally everyone thought they already were.


Maka had been feeling nervous about how to let everyone know about everything that had somehow happened between she and Soul. It had been a month or so since they’d officially started dating, but she’d been wanting to take her time in making it public. She was worried about not being taken seriously, about the world thinking it was just a confused weapon/meister line that sometimes got blurred over the years. It was cliche, wasn’t it? Dumb. People would make fun of them for it and really, she’d just wanted something to themselves for a little while anyway.

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Soul & Maka | Weapon and Meister
“Being Maka’s Weapon, both Maka and Soul’s Wavelengths are compatible with each other. Because of their conflicting personalities though, they frequently argue over most things, and Soul gets annoyed sometimes at Maka’s attitude and stubbornness. However, they still have an incredibly strong friendship.”

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